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Ethically Sourced & Environmentally Conscious Fine Jewelry & Gemstones

Thomas Cooper Jewelry diamonds, gemstones, pearls, and precious metals are ethically sourced and environmentally conscious. Gemstones are sourced directly from small independent mines and gemstone dealers in gem regions around the world. Our precious metal suppliers are independently certified. These certifications assure us that they are in compliance with the current legislation in regard to the Dodd-Frank Act. Wherever possible, we utilize raw materials and alloys that have been recycled and have been processed in a responsible and sustainable manner. Our supplier has received certifications verifying that they only source and manufacture metals from “DRC-Conflict Free” mines or other domestic U.S. sources and will continue to monitor its sources for compliance with legislation as it evolves.

“Buying Diamonds, Gemstones and Pearls directly from the source guarantees my clientele peace of mind, quality and value”
— Thomas Cooper